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Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is the code?
The code is your password or login code.

Q2. Who are you?
We are Dawson Talent International, consisting of Dawson Executive Search and Mine Recruit Consulting.

Q3. Why have you asked for my home email address?
To avoid someone at your workplace being able to access your emails for your access code. You may, however, use any email address you prefer.

Q4. My original login details are not working?
Try logging in again and click 'Send Code to my Email'.

Q5. I can't remember my login code?
Try logging in again and click 'Send Code to my Email'.

Q6. I have asked for a log in code, but when I copy and paste it in, it says it is incorrect?
Make sure that you copy and paste the numbers only (no spaces) otherwise it will not recognise it.

Q7. I have not received my login and password email?
Please check your junk mail folder.

Q8. I have tried all of the above, what do I do now?
If you are still having difficulty uploading your documents, please get in touch.